A Parable - A Pivotal Commentary

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Douglas D Simpson

Pivotal Commentaries On Jesus’ Word

A Parable is a look at Jesus’ most famous parable with a viewpoint through the Word as taught to us directly from Jesus. All of Jesus’ teaching is valuable and important to the understanding of the parables he spoke. Especially this vibrant parable.

This book is in progress and will published later this year.


Douglas  D. Simpson

Douglas searches and analyzes the words of Jesus to find the most accurate and beneficial truth that exists within God’s Word.¬† God sent his Word through the physical person of the Biblical Jesus. Jesus delivered that Word to the world and opened the door for mankind to access God. In fact he said he is that door and no man can enter into the presence of God except through that door.

Jesus said, “Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” Jn 12:25. This is the only way through the door Jesus provided. This is taking up our cross and following Jesus.

Douglas is currently working on several books with profound news for much of the church world regardless of which of the thousands of denominations they may belong.